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'Auspice' - Red-shouldered Hawk

On our kayak trip last December on the Wacissa River in Florida, we had the most enjoyable opportunity to see lots of wildlife. Although seeing alligators on the shore side (a first for our kayaking experiences) was a little disconcerting, on a number of points along the river we would see the Red-shouldered Hawk, perched up in the trees, looking down on us. It felt like a good omen and that she was watching over us on our little adventure as we made our way through the swamps and springs. In this video I have already air brushed the background and painted the bottom branch. This video show my work as I progress from the tail on up to it's back and then finally the head.

Title: 'Auspice' - Red-shouldered Hawk

Details: 16"x 12", Acrylic on Canvas, Framed

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